Meet Jessica Jackson! | Bergen North Moms
Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?
I’m originally from Centerport, a small town in Long Island. I moved to Hoboken after college and when it was time to settle down my husband and I discovered Midland Park. We bought our house in 2012, had a brief stint in Maryland and then came back to the area in 2016!
Children and Ages?
Grace (7) and Ellie (4)
Favorite thing to do with your kids?
My girls love anything outdoors! With it being summer we spend a ton of time at Brookside Lake, we’re also big fans of the zoo at Van Saun, Abmas Farm, and basically any playground in the area.
Are you involved in a business venture? Please share!
Yes! After four long years of development, I recently launched my business – The Mookabee Swaddle – a unique baby swaddle that absorbs a parents scent to promote better sleep. It’s been a big labor of love but I’m so excited to finally have inventory in stock and start helping babies (and their parents!) get sleep. The Mookabee also donates 10% of all profits to Saving Mothers, an organization dedicated to improving maternal health, something I’m very passionate about.
Tell us more about the Swaddle – what lead you to create the Mookabee?
Like most moms of newborns, when my youngest was born I was in a constant state of sleep deprivation. Ellie would only sleep if she was on me, which caused many nights of me sitting in the glider, holding her, while googling ways to help your baby sleep. One reoccurring tip I kept coming across was to put your scent in the crib. So one day I put an old shirt of mine in her bassinet so she could smell me while napping. She slept better than ever before but I knew having something loose in the crib went against safe sleep guidelines. I started researching the science behind the power of scent and discovered when a baby smells mom, their cortisol levels are lowered, which leads to better sleep. I knew I could come up with a safer option so babies (and parents) could enjoy longer, more restful periods of sleep – something we are so desperate for in those early days – and what better way to do that than in a swaddle?
What sets the Mookabee apart?
In addition to a zippered leg pouch for easy diaper changes, and a wide velcro patch that adjusts to fit your baby, The Mookabee Swaddle’s most unique feature is it’s scent absorbing Soothe-Swatch. The Soothe-Swatch securely snaps into the Mookabee Swaddle base so your baby can smell you while they are swaddled. The Soothe-Swatch is worn against a parent’s skin (tucked into mom’s bra, dad’s shirt etc) for 7 to 9 hours to fully absorb their scent, it then snaps back into the swaddle to provide baby with your comforting scent. The sense of smell is one of the first to develop, in fact a baby know their mother’s scent from the time they are in utero, and post birth, this scent promotes bonding, lowers cortisol levels, and helps baby sleep.
The Mookabee is also different from other swaddles because it’s the only one that transitions to a lovey. The Soothe-Swatch unsnaps from the swaddle base and snaps into the Mookabee stuffed animal head so your baby can continue to be comforted with your scent long after they outgrow the swaddle.
If you could give one tip to fellow Mom Entrepreneurs, what would it be?
Just keep pushing forward. It’s so easy to feel discouraged or overwhelmed when you’re starting a business but you HAVE to continue believing in yourself and stay focused on your vision. I’ve also realized that this world is full of really smart and supportive women, so surround yourself with, and learn from them!
One thing people would be surprised to know about you…
I was the captain of my high school badminton team. Most people think that it’s a backyard sport but it’s actually very competitive!
How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?
No one provides feedback on baby products like moms! The word of mouth among the local community has been so helpful and uplifting. When you’ve been working on an idea for so long, to hear a mom say they purchased the swaddle for their baby, or a friend’s baby and it’s turned into an item they can’t live without, is incredibly rewarding.

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